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North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat, Assam, a constituent establishment of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, has been engaged in multidisciplinary R&D work relevant to the country in general and North Eastern Region in particular.

The CSIR- North East Institute of Science and Technology, formerly(RRL) , Jorhat was established in the year 1961 as one of the multidisciplinary laboratories of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research(CSIR) under its Chemical Science Group of laboratories. Its major thrust of R&D activities has been to develop indigeneous technologies by utilising the immense natural wealth of India.Read More

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Hexagonal Boron Nitride Quantum Dots Embedded on Layer-by-Layer Films for Peroxidase-Assisted Colorimetric Detection of β-Galactosidase Producing Pathogens .






Lithium acetate mediated paper-based assay for absorbance analysis of E. coli concentrations .






Spray coating vapor-phase interfacial polymerization: A new approach for developing 2D nanosheet enabled thin film nanocomposite membranes to remove heavy metal ions .





Extraction, physicochemical and structural characterisation of palm grass leaf fibres for sustainable and cleaner production of textile and allied cellulosic applications .





Borophene Quantum Dots as Novel Peroxidase-Mimicking Nanozyme: A Dual-Mode Assay for the Detection of Oxytetracycline and Tetracycline Antibiotics .





Conspectus on endangered carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes khasiana Hook.f. emphasizing in-vitro regeneration, pitcher development, and stability in genetic makeup .





A scientific overview of the genus Etlingera Giseke (Aromatic Ginger): Botanical, traditional, phytochemical and pharmacological aspects .





Photoenhanced intrinsic peroxidase-like activity of a metal-free biocompatible borophene photonanozyme for colorimetric sensor assay of dopamine biomolecule .




An interpretative review of the wastewater-based surveillance of the SARS-CoV-2: where do we stand on its presence and concern .





Comparative seasonal analysis of Eri silkworm (Samia ricini Donovan) gut composition: implications for lignocellulose degradation .




Hypothetical biosynthetic pathways of pharmaceutically potential hallucinogenic metabolites in Myristicaceae, mechanistic convergence and co-evolutionary trends in plants and humans .




Root exudation as a strategy for plants to deal with salt stress: An updated review.




Atomically Dispersed Manganese on Graphene Nanosheets as Biocompatible Nanozyme for Glutathione Detection in Liver Tissue Lysate Using Microfluidic Paper-based Analytical Devices.




Development of micropollutants removal process using thin-film nanocomposite membranes prepared by green new vapour-phase interfacial polymerization method.




Fe3O4 quantum dots anchored on functionalized graphene: A multimodal platform for sensing and remediation of Cr(VI).




Chavibetol: major and potent phytotoxin in betel (Piper betle L.) leaf essential oil.




Controlled Ni doping on a g-C3N4/CuWO4 photocatalyst for improved hydrogen evolution†.




Oxygenated sesquiterpenes, molecular docking, and the trait-linked occurrence of essential oil in Knema angustifolia (Roxb.) Warb. (Myristicaceae).



Porous Nitrogen-Doped Crumpled Graphene Nanoparticles: A Metal-Free Nanozyme for Selective Detection of Dopamine in Aqueous Medium and Human Serum .



Visible Light-Active Ternary Heterojunction Photocatalyst for Efficient CO2 Reduction with Simultaneous Amine Oxidation and Sustainable H2O2 Production .



Environmental evaluation of carbon dot and fullerene formation in atmospheric particulate matter (PM10): observations from their free radical scavenging and electrochemical studies†.



Mesoporous SBA-15 supported gold nanoparticles for solvent-free oxidation of cyclohexane: superior catalytic activity with higher cyclohexanone selectivity.



BiCl3 catalyzed synthesis of 2-amino-1,4-naphthoquinones and 1,4-naphthoquinon-2-sulfides and one-pot sequential amine-arylation of 1,4-naphthoquinone.



Ammonia from dinitrogen at ambient conditions by organometallic catalysts.



Auxin biosynthesis by Microbacterium testaceum Y411 associated with orchid aerial roots and their efficacy in micropropagation.



An insight on the immunomodulatory potential of wood oil of Aquilaria malaccensis Lam. with an emphasis on related phytomedicine, biomarkers, pharmacology, and toxicity



Virtual Screening and Network Pharmacology-Based Study to Explore the Pharmacological Mechanism of Clerodendrum Species for Anticancer Treatment. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.



GA-AuNP@Tollens’ complex as a highly sensitive plasmonic nanosensor for detection of formaldehyde and benzaldehyde in preserved food products.



Phenolic compounds of Zanthoxylum armatum DC as potential inhibitors of urease and SARS-CoV2 using molecular docking approach and with simulation study.



Metal-free three-component cyanoalkylation of quinoxalin-2(1H)-ones with vinylarenes and azobis(alkylcarbonitrile)s.



Metal nanoparticles decorated two-dimensional nanosheets as heterogeneous catalysts for coupling reactions



Whole-cell biocatalyzed organic solvent-free conversion of dill oil to cis-(-)-dihydrocarvone rich aromatic hydrosol: Chemical and aroma profiling



Pd-Catalyzed Alkyne and Aryne Annulations: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of π-Extended Coumarins



Copper-Catalyzed Direct Syntheses of Phenoxypyrimidines from Chloropyrimidines and Arylboronic Acids: A Cascade Avenue and Unconventional Substrate Pairs



Trait-linked phylogenetic framework of Paphiopedilum distributed in India revealed species passport trait to prevent unethical trade through in-silico study.




Functional groups assisted-photoinduced electron transfer-mediated highly fluorescent metal-organic framework quantum dot composite for selective detection of mercury (II) in water.



Magnetic Nanoparticles Supported on g-C3N4 : An Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for Selective Transfer Hydrogenation of Furfural to Furfuryl alcohol



Facile synthesis of Pd3In2@GO nanocomposite: Its anti-diabetic and antioxidant activity .



Bioassay-guided isolation of potent α-glucosidase inhibitory compounds from the fruit of Piper mullesua Buch–Ham ex D Don. and their in silico screening .



Chemical Fabrication of Efficient Blue-luminescent Carbon Quantum Dots from Coal Washery Rejects (Waste) for Detection of Hg2+ and Cr6+ Ions in Water .



Highly selective, rapid and simple colorimetric detection of Fe3+in fortified foods by L-Cysteine modified AuNP .



Ultrasensitive Pd nano catalyst as peroxidase mimetics for colorimetric sensing and evaluation of antioxidants and total polyphenols in beverages and fruit juices .



Arenga westerhoutii Griff.: bioactive constituents, nutraceuticals, antioxidant and anti-diabetic potential of stem extract and an insight into molecular docking analysis.



Phytotoxic essential oil from black turmeric (Curcuma caesia Roxb.) rhizome: Screening, efficacy, chemical basis, uptake and mode of transport.



Thin film nanocomposite membrane incorporated with clay-iconic liquid framework for enhancing rejection of epigallocatechin gallate in aqueous media.



Synthesis, Characterization, Properties, and Novel Applications of Fluorescent Nanodiamonds.



Valorization and Physicochemical Characterization of Crude Plant Kernel Wax Obtained from Endocomia macrocoma (Miq.) W. J. de Wilde subsp. prainii (King) W. J. de Wilde.





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