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  • Development of agro-technology and chemical investigation of medicinal, aromatic and economically important plants of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Extraction, purification, standardization and structural elucidation of pure molecules from natural resources, by HPLC and NMR.
  • Development of New Chemical Entities (NCE’s) from natural products with emphasis on treatment of Diabetes Type 2.
  • Provide training and technical support in cultivation of mushroom and production of vermicomposite in commercial scale.
  • Development of medicinal and economically important native plants through biotechnological approaches.
  • Evaluation of nutraceuticals and antioxidant activities of wild edible plants used by local peoples of the state.
  • Green synthesis of nanoparticles using natural products and its applications in different fields.
  • Developing flow cytometry based evolutionary techniques related to next generation fuels and high-value products from microalgae.
  • Understanding endosymbiotic relationships between microbes and plants and predicting metabolic pathways for value-added products using “-Omics” techniques.
  • Isolating bioactive compounds from freshwater and extreme environment microbes for various industrial applications. 

Head of the Department
Dr Chandan Tamuly
Ph D (Organic Chemistry)
Pr. Scientist
ID. No. 1060,
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest: R&D on Natural Product Chemistry, Nanoscience, and Green Chemistry

Dr Natarajan Velmurugan
Ph D
Senior Scientist
ID. No. 1254
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest: Plant and algal biotechnology, endosymbiotic relationships, freshwater microbiology, protein engineering and biotechnological applications of flow cytometry.

Technical Officers
Mrs. Moushumi Hazarika
M. Sc, M. Phil. (Chemistry)
Senior Technical Officer (1)
ID. No. 1136,
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest : Natural Product Chemistry & Nanoscience.
Mr. Sandeep Kalita
B.Sc. (Chemistry) and Bachelor of Library & Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.)
Technical Assistant
ID. No. 1327 and
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220
Area’s of Interest : Information Science and Library Administration.
Technical Staff
Tame Rajen
Non Tech
ID. No. 1075
Ph : + 91-0360-2244220 / Fax : 0360- 2244220