Welcome to 51st SSBMT Indoor Zonal Tournament 2023 (01-03 November 2023)


Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Memorial Tournament (SSBMT)


Dr Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (1894-1955), one of the brightest luminaries of Science in India, was the first Director (now called Director General) of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research. His untiring efforts, devotion of duty and pioneering work in the field of Chemical Sciences brought him many laurels at the national and international levels. As an eminent scientist who was elected Fellow of Royal Society, Dr Bhatnagar emphasized on the utilization of Science for national development and contributed greatly for the building of CSIR.

Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar was born on 21st February 1894, at Bhera in the district of Shahpur, Punjab. After completing his education first he served as a Professor of Physical Chemistry at Punjab and Lahore University. A strong believer in the application of science for practical purposes, Dr. Bhatnagar planned and established a chain of national laboratories all over the country for harnessing of science for promotion of national welfare. In this great national task, he received the active encouragement and support of the first Prime Minister of the Indian Union Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

A born administrator, Dr. Bhatnagar was always in close touch with every branch of activity under his care. Dr. Bhatnagar will be remembered for the establishment of national laboratories and for opening out vast opportunities for the present and future generations of scientist to pursue research and thereby contribute to national development.


About Sports Promotion Board

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Memorial Tournament is a platform created by CSIR Sports Promotion Board to bring together the participation of different CSIR institutes to build a committed CSIR family and create team spirit, leadership and zeal to excel against all odds. SSBMT, organized in the fond memory of our illustrious and founder Director General Dr. S S Bhatnagar has become a regular and important activities in the calendar of CSIR.

The year 1955 is the sad day of CSIR history when we lost the great architect of CSIR Sir Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar. Some sports enthusiasts, led by late Sri S.P.Kaushika, an officer in the CSIR Headquater, thought it fit to organize an annual tournament in memory of Sir SS Bhatnagar, who among other things was a sports lover too.

The event was initially held among two laboratories and CSIR headquarter. With the joining in CSIR of the Late P.M. Sundaram as the Joint Secretary, he with the approval of the then DGSIR Prof. M.S. Thacker, converted the sport meet an all India event by inviting other laboratories to participate. It was decided to hold the tournament (SSBMT) every two years in other laboratories.

The CSIR Headquarters Staff Club used to organize the tournament in CSIR laboratories over a period of 7 to 8 days, every alternate year. The Bhatnagar Tournament held at NPL, Delhi could be termed as the first All India CSIR tournament. CLRI Chennai was the first venue away from Delhi in the year 1958. In first few years it was organized biannually with competitions in games of Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Carrom and Bridge. The activity was stopped for some time due to Chinese war in 1965.

The activity was revived in the year 1976 by Dr.Y Nayudamma and the tournament was organized at CFTRI. The SSBMT tournament in the year 1978 was organized at North East Institute of Science & Technology, Jorhat (erstwhile RRL-Jorhat). The sports control board of CSIR was constituted in the 31st March 1980 under the Chairmanship of Dr. G.S.Sidhu and the first SSBMT under auspices of the Board was held in October 1980 at RRL Jammu and the name of the board was renamed as CSIR Sport Promotion Board.

The organization of SSBMTs used to have a participation of around 1000 players and officials. It was realized that many small labs with limited infrastructure were not able to host the event. It was, therefore, resolved to segregate the event for smaller number of participants. All 40 labs staff clubs were clubbed in to four zones with participation of around 200 participants at each venue. After some experiments, the SSBMT came to the present form of yearly practice. Now it is organized every year, alternately for indoor and outdoor games.

The SPB, in addition to the above, organizes specialized tournament, such as Nayudamma Memorial Cricket Tournament. Other tournaments like Atma Ram Memorial Volleyball Tournament, Thacker Memorial Tennis Tournament, Hussain Zaheer Bridge Tournament and Anusandhan Trophy for Basketball are organized every alternate year. Since 2005, Siddhu Memorial Table Tennis Tournament has also been added.


Organizing Committee


Patron : Dr G Narahari Sastry, Director
Chairman Tournament Committee : Er J J Bora
Co-Chairman : Dr Sanjay Deori
Advisory Committee:
Dr S B Wann
Dr Ratul Saikia
Dr B K Saikia
Mr J L Knongsai
Mr R S Sharma
Mr Praveer M Verma
Mr Parsoon Kumar
Mr Abhay Sakhare
Mr I N Jha
Organising Secretary : Dr Rituraj Konwar
Joint Secretary :
Mr Lachit Phukan
Mr Sausthav Maunash Bhattacharyya
Dispute Committe : Dr Swapnali Hazarika (Advisor)
Reception and Programme Committee : Dr Kalyani Medhi & Mr J J Mahanta (Advisor)
Accommodation Committee : Mr Vaskar Rajkhowa & Dr Mantu Bhuyan (Advisor)
Food Committee : Dr Bipul Das (Convenor)
Transport Committee : Dr Dipankar Neog (Advisor)
Sports Committee : Mr Abhay Sakhare & Dr Pranjal Gogoi (Advisor) Souvenir Committee : Dr Lakshi Saikia (Advisor)
Cultural Committee : Dr Archanamoni Das & Dr Dipul Kalita (Advisor)
Medical Assistance Committee : Dr Thaneswar Bora (Convenor)
Infrastructure Committee : Dr Manash Ranjan Das (Advisor)
Website Committee : Mr Khirod Buragohain (Convenor)



  • Mr. Ashan Manhas
  • Mr. Amit Kumar
  • Mr. Pranoy Toppo
  • Dr. Niti Kumar
  • Ms. Sahitya Uppada
  • Ms. Harshita Maheshwari
  • Dr. C.P. Pandey
  • Mr. Sanjay Kumar
  • Dr. Gautam Panda
  • Mr. Harish Kr. Checker
  • Md. Saleem
  • Mr. Kul Bahadur Thapa
  • Dr. H. M. Gauniyal (Manager)
  • Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma
  • Mr. Anurag Srivastava
  • Mr. Atma Prakash Dwivedi
  • Mr. Shiv Ram Mishra
  • Mr. Pramod SinghManral (C)
  • Mr. Vijay ┬áBudania
  • Mr. Vikram Singh Rawat
  • Mr. Atul Ratan Mhaske (C)
  • Mr. Biddika Trivedi
  • Mr. Purushottam Lal Saini
  • Mr. Tejendra Pratap Singh (C)
  • Mr. Rama Kant Sharma (Manager)
  • Mr. Ghanshyam Saini
  • Mr. B. L. Meena (C)
  • Mr. Surendra Singh
  • Mr. Jogendra Singh
  • Mr. Rakesh Meena
  • Mr. Amit Kumar Choudhary
  • Smt Bijju Meena (C)
  • Ms. Maya
  • Ms. Deepika Sharma (C)
  • Ms. Maitri Iyer
  • Er Ashween D Nanaware
  • Dr Chandan S Chnotiya
  • Mr Abhishek K Singh
  • Dr Pooja Singh
  • Dr Sujata Singh Yadav
  • Dr Bhaskar Shukla
  • Mr IB Dixit
  • Mr Amit Mohan
  • Dr Suaib Luqman (Manager)
  • Mr J Massey
  • Mr Md Danish Hussain
  • Sh. Vikas Singh Negi
  • Sh. O P Yadav
  • Sh. Rajan Verma
  • Sh. K K Gola
  • Sh. Aniket Ranjan
  • Ms. Jyoti Yadav
  • Ms. Parul Jain
  • Dr. H Lokeshwar Singh
  • Sh. Vijay Kaushal
  • Sh. Nimish Mishra
  • Sh. Aman Malik
  • Sh. Sanjeev Kr Yadav
  • Sh. Muni Raj Meena
  • Sh. Amit Kumar
  • Sh. Vineet Kr Sharma
  • Sh. Prakash Kr Singh
  • Sh. Kartik (Manager)
  • Dr Dinesh Kumar
  • Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh (Manager)
  • Mr Mahavir Singh Rawat
  • Mr Oman Singh
  • Dr Vishal Acharya
  • Mr Amit Kumar
  • Mr Jitendra Bisht
  • Mr Anil Chaudhary
  • Dr Ankit Saneja
  • Mr Girija Nand
  • Mr Sanjeev
  • Mr Ram Jee Lal Meena
  • Mr Om Parkash
  • Dr Vipul Gupta
  • Smt. Paramjeet Kaur
  • Smt. Indu Yadav
  • Smt. Sheela Devi
  • Ms. Sana Khatun
  • Ms. Priyanka Shaw
  • Ms. Kajal
  • Sh. Anil Kumar Sharma
  • Sh. Jaideep Mehta
  • Sh. Bhanwar Bamniya
  • Sh. Digvijay Singh Naruka (Manager)
  • Sh. Bhupinder Singh Chopra
  • Sh. Dhananjay Mankotia
  • Sh. Rohtas Ranga
  • Sh. Bhimi Ram
  • Sh. Dinesh Kumar
  • Sh. Surinder Sinqh
  • Sh. Sandeep Kumar
  • Sh. Surjeet Singh
  • Sh. Chandran Kumar
  • Sh. Hashim Ali
  • Sh. Anuj Singh
  • Dr. Lalsiemlien Pulamte (Manager)
  • Dr. Anil Kumar
  • Sh. Mandeep Singh
  • Sh. Raiender Sharma
  • Sh. Raiiv Kumar
  • Sh. Naresh
  • Sh. Chand Ram
  • Md. Shakeel Ahmed
  • Sh. Om Prakash
  • Sh. Ram Suphal
  • Sh. Gurparsad Singh Bagga





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