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Highlights of the Division.

The Coal & Energy group is one of among the excellent research groups working in the area of coal sciences & technology and energy-environment interface in India and abroad. The group has been engaged in the resource quality assessment and the development of indigenous processes for the rational utilization of NER low-grade high-sulfur coals, since its inception. The group is also working on resource quality assessment of coal resources, carbon-based energy storage devices, and different aspects of environmental issues including national emission inventories for this region.

Mandate of the Division.

  • The mandate of the group is to develop indigenous processes for effective and gainful utilization of low-quality NER coals and biomass for the benefit of the people and society of the region in particular and the country in general. It is mandate to assess and mitigate the environmental degradation during utilization of these coals in the region.

Vision and mission of the Division:
The mission of the groups is to maintain a vibrant research profile that truly captures the needs and changes of the modern society to perform fundamental research along with applied research that cater to the broader economic, societal and environmental development and growth of the country. This is to achieve through interdisciplinary research that crosses barriers across chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science

  • Development of new, cheap and environment friendly processes for beneficiation of NER high sulfur low-quality coals towards utilization in metallurgical coke industries and power plants
  • Production of high-value carbon-based materials/devices from low-quality NER coals and their industrial application.
  • Optimum utilization of the natural biomass resources in the NE region.
  • Stimulate collaborative efforts among industry, universities, government, and professional societies.
  • Advance the development and exchange of relevant state of art knowledge and technology.

Head of the Division
Dr. Binoy Kumar Saikia
Ph D(Chemistry)
Principal Scientist
ID. No. 1177
Ph : 91- 0376-2370121 Extn 2420/242 Fax: 0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Carbon Nanomaterials and their Application, Environmental Nano-mineralogy, Aerosol Chemistry, Low-grade Coal Beneficiation
Personal Website
Dr Prasenjit Saikia
Ph.D(Energy Engineering)
Pr. Scientist
ID. No. 1180
Ph : 91- 0376-2370121 Extn 2420/2421 Fax:0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Coal Chemistry
Dr Ajit Singh
PhD: Polymer Chemistry (CSIR-IICT Hyderabad)
Sr. Scientist
ID. No. 1260,
Area’s of Interest : Bio-renewable & biodegradable polymer; Chemicals from natural resources, Lignin chemistry; Coal Chemistry
Dr Ashutosh Thakur
M.Tech (University of Delhi), MS (JAIST, Japan),Ph.D(JAIST, Japan)
ID. No. 1304
Email :
Area’s of Interest : Materials Chemistry, Catalysis, Coal Chemistry, and Polymer Science
Dr. Tonkeswar Das
Ph.D. (Chemistry)
ID. No. 1156
Ph : 91- 0376-2370121 Extn 2420/2421
Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Email :
Area’s of Interest : Coal chemistry
Technical Officers
Mr. Vikas Kumar Gond
M. Sc.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Technical Assistant
ID. No. 1336
Technical Staff
Mr. Hari Chandra Dutta
Senior Technician (I)
ID. No. 1038
Ph : 91- 0376-2370121 Extn 2420/2421
Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Area’s of Interest : Coal chemistry
Mr. Pranjal Handique
Technician (2)
ID. No. 1151
Ph : 91- 0376-2370121 Extn 2420/2421
Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Area’s of Interest : Coal chemistry
Mr. Alok Borah
Technician (2)
ID. No. 1163
Ph : 91- 0376-2370121 Extn 2420/2421
Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Area’s of Interest : Coal chemistry