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Stores and Purchase Section is a team of hardworking professionals under the leadership of Stores and Purchase Officer, who strive to keep the system of R&D and other supporting services running in smooth condition by taking care of procurement activities related to materials / services in time and within the ambit of public procurement.

Functions Handled:

Service Offered:

Stores & Purchase Officer
Mr. P.M. Verma

ID. No.
Ph : +91 0376 2372710 extn 2288
Mr. L.Misao

ID. No.
Ph : +91 0376 2372710 extn 2288
Other Staff
Mr Pranjal P Gogoi
Sr. Secretariat Asstt(S&P)
ID. No. 1250
Ms Anjali Hatibaruah
Non Tech
ID. No. 1073
Mr Puneswar Borah
Non Tech
ID. No. 1204
Mr Goutom Koch
Group C(MTS)
ID. No. 1288