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Achievement (during last 55 years)

1. Ph D awarded :

2. Best Paper award : Awarded by Institution of Chemist, Kolkata in the year 2000
3. Total publication: 283 average IF : 2.3, Highest IF : 6.4
  Paper presented at conference: 33
  Patent filed: 19
4. Fellowship: BOYSCAST fellowship in the area of Biosensors at Department of Chemistry, University of Texas, USA
5. Visit Abroad: 7 Scientist
6. Projects Completed: 1. GAP-0212: “A novel development of lab-on-chip biosensor for determination of mycotoxins in food (mainly cereals).”

Financed by DST, India= Rs 17, 20,000.00
Period: 12.03.2009 to 12.03.2011

  2. GAP-0223: “Method development, validation and determination of some pharmaceuticals in bulk dosages form and biological fluid using electro analytical technique.”
  Financed by DST, India= Rs 16, 42,310.00
Period: 04.11.2009 to 31.05.2011
7. New Projects (Ongoing) (a) Inhouse Activity:
  Title of the project: “Development of Sensors for Detection of Pesticides” (April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2017)
  (b) Net Work Activity

Title:  Molecules to Materials to Devices (M2D)
Nodal Lab.: CSIR-NIIST, Trivandrum; Fund Received: FY 2012-13 = 13lakh
Total Requirements = Rs. 317.60 (2012-2017) for CSIR-NEIST

  (c) Sponsored Project

Title: Screen Printed Electrodes (SPEs) Functionalised with Organic-organic Hybrid Nano-composites for Biosensing Applications. (GAP-0289) : Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi: Sanction No.: INT/RUS/RFBR/P-153 dt. 07.10.2013
Total Cost. : Rs. 19, 14, 240/- (2014-2016)

  (d) Contract Activity
  Undergoing contract agreement for three years with Oil India Ltd., Duliajan, Assam towards analysis of drill cuts and drill mud for a total cost of Rs 16, 17, 600 w.e. f. 12.02.2014
  (e) Service to the Society

Notable societal service through the work of analytical services, specifically water quality and Soil/Fertiliser analysis to almost all the Tea Estates of NE-India, ONGCL, OIL, Air Ports, Air Force, Assam Rifles, NF Railways, Hospitals, Universities of NE-India, Schools and Colleges have been provided by the Analytical Chemistry Group. Moreover, service is also extended to Public Water Supply System, Govt. of Assam, Commissioner of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Assam and several NGO’s in addition to a large number of individuals. It helps in providing a significant task towards the society and shoulders the responsibility of the institution in improving the quality of life and people

The Analytical service has been provided to Brahmaputra Crackers Pvt. Ltd., NEEPCO, Bogibil Project, Upper Subansiri Hydroelectric Project, Maibella Thermal Project, M/S Garrison Engineers, M/S Vijay Tanks and Vessels, and M/S Kausik Enterprise etc. for their different construction works covering entire NE-India. The service has also been provided input as basic dataset to different R&D projects of Dibrugarh University, Gauhati University, Tezpur University, Silchar University, Nagaland University, NIT-Silchar and to different Local Colleges of Jorhat, Assam.

  (f) Training Extended

The department has extended its services to train the people in water quality determination from the Environmental Research and Evaluation Centre, Guwahati, Assam.

  (g) ECF Generated during last 55 years
  • From testing Charges : Rs 1,19,50,564.00
  • From GAP projects     : Rs    43,95,735.00

 Total ECF : Rs. 1,63,46,299.00