Connecting Science and Technology for a brighter tomorrow

Ongoing R&D Programmes carrying out in the group:

  • Clean Coal Initiatives for North East Indian Coal (In-house project).
  • Probing the Changing Atmosphere and its Impact in Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP) and Himalayan Region (Network Project).
  • Carbonaceous aerosol emissions, source apportionment and climate effects (Funded Project).
  • Development of coal-based value added products and their effective and gainful utilizations.
  • Green approach towards development and value addition of Bioactive & Biopolymers (In-house project).
  • Advanced Polyolefins (SPIRIT CSC0206): Degradable polyolefins by living radical polymerization to achieve new properties facilitate processing and precise control of heterogeneity of polymer systems. Modeling and predicting structure-processing-property relationships of polyolefin copolymer systems (Network Project).
  • New generation Lubricants and Additives (GenLube-CSC0118): Environmental friendly high temperature lubricants based on biodegradable base oils stock from non edible vegetable oils and epoxidized vegetable oils (Network Project).