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To support the fight against COVID-19, COVID CARE Network - a collaborative effort of CSIR and AMD - is planning to make available multi-dimensional, multi-source primary/secondary data and compute system capabilities to Indian researchers. The system, built by AMD to deliver more than one PetaFlops of compute power and dedicated for Covid research, will be remotely accessible over a high-speed national knowledge network from CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute (CSIR-4PI), Bengaluru. This is established as a part of AMD’s COVID-19 HPC Global fund of $20 million donations across 23 institutions in 7 countries of which about 10% has been donated to CSIR-4PI to understand the various aspects of infectious diseases and develop effective global responses.


The objective of this collaborative effort is to bring together a wide spectrum of Indian experts with global participation and crowd sourcing of students and citizens in order to address problems posed by COVID-19 and find suitable deployable solutions by effectively utilizing the high performance computing platform at CSIR-4PI with the basic principle of “Open Source Innovation and Data Sharing Policy”.

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