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The pandemic has opened up new possibilities and challenges. A multi-disciplinary approach is required to analyze the data that will be generated / collated towards understanding the present pandemic and to find solutions the following areas of activities have been planned:

  1. Cloud Computing - An accelerated computing system platform capable of delivering 1+ PF with AMD EPYC processors and AMD Radeon GP-GPUs with a high-performance parallel file system over Penguin Computing Scyld Cloud Manager through a high-speed national knowledge network.
  2. Open Access - The platform is open to researchers to bring in innovation to simulate repurposing of drugs based on variations data, structure and molecular dynamics based protein modelling and epitope design Chemoinfromatics and computer aided drug design involving structure and analog based approaches. Virtual screening, molecular docking, ADMET, selectivity and specificity modeling. Computing binding free energy data at various levels of sophistication.
  3. High Performance Computing - HPC involving effect of variations on structural interactions in COVID-19, assessing the efficacy of natural antibodies in the context of novel variations in Spike protein, assessing the partnership of Spike-ACE2 in the context of Indian variations.
  4. Advanced Modelling - In addition to above survivability prediction of outgoing ICU-patients based on critical risk-factors, predicting the effect of Indian COVID-19 variants on healthy personal groups based on age and gender, early detection or vulnerability prediction of black-fungus disease for comorbidity patients based on oxygen and steroid requirements, Deep Learning and AI models on radiological images will be studied.
  5. Socio-economic Study - Studies on socio-economic impact due to COVID-19 pandemic using artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical modelling and other data science approaches.

We also envision building COVID-19 specific large databases (structured and unstructured, primary/secondary) of virus genome sequence, proteomics and epidemiological data using the COVID CARE Network participants and will be made available to all the participating researchers.

All the participants of the Drug Discovery Hackathon 2020 training program will also be using the resources of Covid CARE Network. For more details on Drug Discovery Hackathon tarining program click here.

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