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Ongoing Projects

  1. Development of IoT-based health informatics for PAIN management, Funding Agency: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, 2022
  2. Drug Discovery Hackathon Mentorship and Training Program, Funding Agency: AICTE, 2022
  3. Centre of Excellence for Advanced Computation and Data Sciences, Funding Agency: Department of Biotechnology, 2021
  4. Polymer, their composites and polymeric membrane for sustainable development of Petroleum Industries, Funding Agency: Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gases, 2021

Completed Projects

  1. J.C. Bose Fellowship, Funding Agency: SERB New Delhi, 01st January 2016 – 01st January 2021
  2. Computational Modelling and Data Science Spanning in Different Areas Considering the Scopes Available in North East India, Funding Agency: CSIR, 2019
  3. A Knowledge-Based Approach to Drug Repurposing for Socially Important and Rare Diseases, Funding Agency: DST, New Delhi, 30th October 2016 - 30th October 2019
  4. DST Swarnajayanthi funded project entitled “Expanding the Realm of First Principle Calculations: From Modeling Non-Covalent Interactions To Unraveling Structure-Function Relationships in Membrane Proteins.” 2007-2012
  5. DST funded project entitled “Quantum Mechanical /Molecular Mechanical Studies of the Properties and the Reactivities of Tetrahydropterin-Dependent Amino Acid Hydroxylase” 2010-2013
  6. Principal investigator/Nodal Scientist of the CSIR-funded project entitled “Centre for Excellence for Computational Chemistry: An Integrated Tool for Multi-Scale Simulation to Design Materials, Processes and Simulation of Molecular Recognition Process in Biology” 2010-2012
  7. Principal investigator of the DBT-funded project entitled “To Lead Optimisation and to Design Molecules for Experimental Realization for p38 MAP and Choline Kinase; Phosphodiesterases (PDE); Aromatase and Lipoxygenase (LO)” 2010-2013
  8. DST-CONACYT, Mexico S&T Cooperation Programme funded project entitled “QM/MM, MD Simulations and Computer Aided Drug Design Approaches on 5-Lipoxygenase” 2010-2013
  9. DST INDO-EU funded project entitled “Advanced Materials as CO2 Removers: A Computational Study of CO2 Sorption Thermodynamics and Kinetics” 2009-2011
  10. CP-STIO program entitled “Database and Prediction Tool to Study Mutant HIV Reverse Transcriptase” 2009-2011
  11. INSA-JSPS funded project entitled “Supramolecular Stacking, Curvature and Synthetic Feasibility of Buckybowls and Hetero Buckybowls: A High Level Computational Study” 2008-2010
  12. DST-DAAD (PPP) funded project entitled “Computational Studies of the Baylis-Hillman reaction: Mechanism and Stereo Selectivity” 2007-2009
  13. DBT funded project entitled “Design of Drugs Targeted Towards Membrane Proteins: Computational Studies on H+K+-ATPase, 5-Lipoxygenase, Aromatase and P-glycoprotein” 2007-2010
  14. BRNS funded project entitled “Design of Strategies to Overcome Computational Bottlenecks in Modeling Non-Covalent Interactions: Application and Implication in Model and Real Systems” 2007-2010
  15. Member of NMITLI project on “Development of Novel Fungicides” 2004-2007
  16. Member of CSIR Task force project on “Asthma and Allergic Disorders” 2002-2007
  17. A DSTE funded project entitled, “Computer Aided Drug Design: Molecular Modeling Approaches to HIV Protease Inhibitors” from April 2001 – March 2003
  18. A CSIR funded project entitled “Bucky-bowls and Bucky-Balls: Effect of Substitution on Structure, Reactivity, Chiral, Catalytic and Other Chemical Properties” from December 2000-November 2003
  19. Computer Aided drug design: Molecular drug modeling approaches to HIV Protease inhibitors, Grant-in-Aid Project, Funding Agency: Department of Science, Technology and Environment, 2000-2001
  20. An AICTE funded project on “Molecular Modeling of Small Molecules” completed, Project period April 1999-March 2001
  21. A UGC (Minor) funded project on “Structural Studies and Synthetic Strategies for Bucky-bowls: Sub-structures of fullerenes” completed, Project period 1998-2000
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