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Stores and Purchase Section is a team of hardworking professionals under the leadership of Stores and Purchase Officer, who strive to keep the system of R&D and other supporting services running in smooth condition by taking care of procurement activities related to materials / services in time and within the ambit of public procurement.

Functions Handled:

Service Offered:

Stores & Purchase Officer
Mr. Neelambuj Shanker Prasad
ID. No. 1223
Ph : +91 0376 2372710 extn 2288
Section Officers
Mr Prodip Borah
ID. No. 667
Other Staff
Mr. Laksheswar Das
ID. No. 642
Mrs Aleya Rahman
Senior Technician(2)
ID. No. 444
Mr Poresh Kumar Phukan
Assistant Gr. I
ID. No. 666
Mr John L Ngaihte
Assistant Gr. I
ID. No. 1169
Mr Chandradhar Dutta
Assistant Gr. II
ID. No. 688
Mr Pranjal P Gogoi
Assistant Gr. III
ID. No. 1250
Ms Anjali Hatibaruah
Non Tech
ID. No. 1073
Mr Puneswar Borah
Non Tech
ID. No. 1204
Mr Biren Hazarika
ID. No. 720
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