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Ongoing R&D Programme

  1. Type of Project: Inhouse
    Project Title       : Bioprospection and assessment of genetic diversity of medicinal aromatic and economic plants of North-East India for industrial and socio-economic development.
    Project No.           : MLP-1000/1
    Funding Agency     : CSIR
  2. Type of Project       : Network

    Project Title
           : Development of Sustainable Processes for Edible Oils with Health Benefits from Traditional and New Resources.
    Project No.           : CSC-0112
    Funding Agency    : CSIR
    PI                         : Dr. S. P. Saikia

    Project Title       : Field demonstration of region specific Medicinal & Aromatic plants genotypes of CSIR for socio-economic upliftment of masses in J&K region (J&K AROMA AROGYA GRAM-JAAG).
    Project No.           : RSP-4001
    Funding Agency            : CSIR
    PI                          : Dr. S. P. Saikia

    Project Title       : S&T interventions to combat malnutrition in women and children.
    Project No.           : BSC-0125
    Funding Agency     : CSIR
    PI                          : Dr. S. P. Saikia

    Project Title: Rural Entrepreneurship and Skill Development through Demonstration and Training of Appropriate Technologies of CSIR-NEIST.
    Project No.           : RSP-4007
    Funding Agency     : CSIR
    PI                          : Dr. S. P. Saikia

    Project Title       : Bio prospection of Plant Resources and other Natural Products.
    Project No.           : BSC-0106
    Funding Agency     : CSIR
    PI                          : Dr. B. S. Bhau

    Project Title       : Introduction, domestication, improvement and cultivation of economically important plants.
    Project No.           : BSC-0110
    Funding Agency      : CSIR
    PI                          : Dr. Mohan Lal
  3. Type of Project       : Grant-in-aid

    Project Title       : Process development and optimization for production of in-situ generated Vit. D fortified mushroom.
    Project No.           :
    Funding Agency     : DBT
    PI                          : Dr. S P Saikia

    Project Title       : Raising of clonal microgarden and validation of microclones of ‘Assam Teak’ (Phoebe goalparensis Hutchinson) through multilocational trials in selected areas of N. E. Region.
    Project No.           : GPP-0298
    Funding Agency      : DBT
    PI                          : Dr. K. D. Mudoi

    Project Title       : Economic and Biogeographic evaluation of the Cinnamomum species in some selected parts of India through morphological, chemical and molecular biology study.
    Project No.           : GPP-0280
    Funding Agency     : DBT
    PI                          : Dr. B. S. Bhau
  4. Type of Project       : Consultancy

    Project Title       : Butterfly and plant interaction studies in NRL Butterfly Valley at Township.
    Project No.           : CNP-0468
    Funding Agency     : Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL)
    PI                          : Dr. M. Bhuyan
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