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Applied Organic Chemistry Group (AOCG), which is under Chemical Science & Technology Division (CSTD) of CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat is dedicated for frontline research in applied & application oriented basic organic chemistry. The group is actively engaged, for last several years in the area of bioactive molecules with main emphasis being laid on the development of process route for drugs/drug intermediates and synthesis of new molecular entities (NMEs) on lead molecules as well as for lead generation. The main focus on the synthesis of new molecular entities is based on known drug molecules and bioactive molecules identified from natural sources. A major thrust of the AOCG is directed in the development of process/heterogeneous recyclable catalyst for industrially important speciality chemicals. The group is also involved in the synthesis of stable metal nanoparticles on nanoporous biopolymers/cellulose templates and their application in organic synthesis.

Head of the Division
Dr Archanamoni Das
M Phil, Ph D (Organic chemistry)
Principal Scientist
ID. No. 1051,
Ph : +91 0376 2370121 extn. 2364 Fax:0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Organic Chemistry

Group Leader
Dr. Sanjib Gogoi
M.Sc, Ph D
Sr. Scientist
ID. No. 1181
Ph : ext. 2369 Fax:0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Dr. Pranjal Gogoi
Ph D (Organic chemistry)
Sr Scientist
ID. No. 1179
Ph : ext. 2369 Fax:0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Pallab Pahari
Ph D (Organic Chemistry)
Sr Scientist
ID. No. 1185
Area’s of Interest : Organic synthesis, enzymatic synthesis, Bio synthesis.
Dr. Ram Awatar Maurya
Ph D
ID. No. 1252,
Fax: 0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Flow Microreactor Chemistry
Dr. Arup Roy
Ph D
ID. No. 1268,
Area’s of Interest : Foldamer, Molecular self-assembly, Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry.
Technical Officers
Mr. Gaurav Kumar Rastogi
Technical Assistant
ID. No. 1242