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Name : Dr Tridip Goswami
Designation : Principal Scientist
Qualification : MSc, PhD, FIC, PG Diploma in Paper Technology(FRI)
Contact Details : Qr. No: D- 29, CSIR- NEIST Colony Mobile:- 9435093139
Email id :

Research Interest
  • Research & Development work in the field of Cellulose, Pulp and Paper especially application of enzymatic process in pulp and paper, natural fibre processing and product development
  • Utilization of bio- mass of NE region for value addition
  • Process, product and technology development based on the natural resources of NE region and dissemination of technology to the entrepreneurs
  • Societal activity through demonstration and training of rural technology in SC/ST and economically backward areas.
  • Two CSIR Network Project (on going)- 1. ERIPP (CSC- 0131). 2. ZERIS (CSC- 0103). 3. Consultancy project- 01 no
  • Project already completed - 10 Nos.(Collaborative, GAP and CSIR- Network project) Testing and consultancy service- Regular paper and board testing work from HPC Jagiroad, HPC Cachar paper Mill, Assam Sarba Shikha mission, Govt of Assam, Assam text book publication, ONGC and various private agencies have been conducting from last several years.
  • Patent- 5 Nos.
  • Technology developed- 12 Nos.
  • Technology transferred to 52 parties throughout the country
List of Publications (Most Recent Ten)
Total No. of Publications: 45 nos. (International –12 nos.; National – 33 nos.); Book Chapters: 5 Nos.
  • Microstructural and mechanical characterisation of biomorphic SiC ceramics synthesised from coir fibreboard perform.
  • Oxidation behaviour of SiC ceramics synthesized from processed cellulosic biopercursores.
  • Synthesis of biomorphic SiC ceramics from coir fibreboard preform.
  • Novel Synthesis of SiC ceramics from processed cellulosic bio-precursor
Awards and Fellowships
  • Nominated as Indian expert by UNDP for banana fibre processing at Sri Lanka and other countries.(2011)
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