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Designation : Chief Scientist
Qualification : M.Sc. Ph.D.
Contact Details : Analytical Chemistry Division, NEIST:Jorhat Jorhat-785 006, Assam, India
Email id :

Research Interest
  • X-ray Crystallography and Spectroscopy
  • Application of x-ray diffraction to structural analysis to new compounds generated in various funded and in-house projects
  • Application of powder x-ray diffraction in materials characterization to various sponsored / Grant-in-aid and in-house projects
  • Major lab. Project: MLP 3000-Development of Sensors for detection of pesticides (work package V. Analytical Chemistry and Electronics & Instrumentation)
  • ’A process for synthesis of zeolite from paper mill waste liquor’, P.C. Borthakur, Mrs. A Sengupta, R.K. Srivastava, R. K. Boruah & G.C. Bhattacharyya, No. 1/W4/91187, Date: 15-March-1988
  • ‘A process for the preparation of High Silica Mordenite’, Mrs. Mina Choudhury, R.K. Boruah, G.C. Bhattacharyya & P. C. Borthakur, No. 969(1992) Date: 18-Sep-1992
  • ‘A process for preparation of detergent grade zeolite using carbonaceous rice husk ash’, P.C. Borthakur, A. Sengupta, R.K. Boruah, P.C. Saikia, A. Goswami & P. Phukon, No.: 185892, Date: 14-Dec-2001
List of Publications (Most Recent Ten)
Total No. of Publications: 59 (SCI Journals)
  • ‘An Xray scattering study of Molecular Level Structure of Tertiary Origin Sub-bituminous Indian coal’, A. Gogoi, R K Boruah, Mat. Sc., 9,2(2013),56-62,
  • ‘Synthesis and Structure Reports:C12H20N2O4’, A. Gogoi, P. Hazarika, D. Konwar, R.K. Boruah, Asian J. Chem., 25,3(2013),1755-1756
  • ‘Structural Investigation of Tirap coal from Assam (India) by using FT-IR spectroscopic Technique’, Res. J. of contem. Concern(RJCC), 8(2013),39-44
  • ‘Poly-cyclic aromatic structural study of sub-bituminous Assam coal using x-ray pair distribution function’, Int. J. of Innov. Res. & Dev., 1,7(2012),209-213
  • ‘High molecular weight waxes from short path distillates of vacuum residue’, A. Borthakur, M.K. Sarma, N.C. Laskar, R.K. Boruah, S.Munshi, Fuel Process. Tech., 92(2011),2360-2365
  • ‘FT-IR spectroscopic study of carbonil group and aromiticity of Tirap(0-8’ seam) coal’, A. Gogoi, O.P.Sahu, R.K. Boruah, B.K. Sarma, A.K. Hazarika, J. of Laser & Optical Sc., 1,1(2011), 40-43
  • ‘Occurrence of some hazardous metals in Indian coals’, B.K. saikia, R.L. Goswami, B.P. Baruah, R.K. Boruah, Coke & Chemistry, 52,2(2009), 54-59
  • ‘A thermal investigation on coals from Assam(India), B.K. Saikia, R.K. Boruah, P.K. Gogoi, B.P. Baruah, Fuel Processing Technology, 90,2(2009),196-203
  • ‘A x-ray diffraction analysis on grapheme layers of Assam coal’, B.K. Saikia, R.K. Boruah, P.K. Gogoi, J. of Chemical Sc.,12,1(2009),103-106
  • ‘X-ray (Radial distribution functions, RDF) and FT-IR Analysis of high sulphur Tirap coal’, B.K. saikia, R.K. Boruah, P.K. Gogoi, J. of Institute of Energy, 82,2(2009), 106-108
Awards and Fellowships
  • UGC Fellowship(1979-81)
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