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North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat, Assam, a constituent establishment of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, has been engaged in multidisciplinary R&D work relevant to the country in general and North Eastern Region in particular.

The CSIR- North East Institute of Science and Technology, formerly(RRL) , Jorhat was established in the year 1961 as one of the multidisciplinary laboratories of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research(CSIR) under its Chemical Science Group of laboratories. Its major thrust of R&D activities has been to develop indigeneous technologies by utilising the immense natural wealth of India.

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I am very delighted to launch the newly redesigned website of our Institute on May 2, 2016. Through this new website, we hope that our partners and well wishers

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Implication of a novel Gla-containing protein, Gas6 in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance, impaired glucose homeostasis, and inflammation: A review


Edible leaf extract of Ipomoea aquatica Forssk. (Convolvulaceae) attenuates doxorubicin-induced liver injury via inhibiting oxidative impairment, MAPK activation and intrinsic pathway of apoptosis


Isolation, purification, and characterization of staphylocoagulase, ablood coagulating protein from Staphylococcus sp. MBBJP S43


Diastereoselective synthesis of tetrahydropyrans via Prins–Ritter and Prins–arylthiolation cyclization reactions


Ru(II)-Catalyzed annulation of benzamidines and alkynes by C–H/N–H activation: a facile synthesis of 1-aminoisoquinolines


Coupling of ionic liquid treatment and membrane filtration for recovery of lignin from lignocellulosic biomass


Artocarpus lakoocha roxb.: An untapped bioresource of resveratrolfrom North East India, its extractive separation and antioxidantactivity


Visible-Light Driven Photocascade Catalysis: Union of N,N‑Dimethylanilines and α‑Azidochalcones in Flow Microreactors


Solvothermal synthesis of CoS/reduced porous graphene oxidenanocomposite for selective colorimetric detection of Hg(II) ion inaqueous medium


Coumarin to Isocoumarin: One-Pot Synthesis of 3‑Substituted Isocoumarins from 4‑Hydroxycoumarins and Benzyne Precursors


Synthesis of nanohybrid alcogels of SiO2 and Ni–Cr/Mg–Cr–LDH: study of their rheological and dip coating properties


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